Usability Changes to the Interface

December 8th, 2010

Simplicity and usability is key to what we’re building.

Here is what “Send A Fax” used to look like.

We intentionally built 3 input boxes. The first 2 boxes are the same length, because they represent 3 digits each. The last one is longer, because it’s 4 digits.

Why is that important? Because it’s a visual que. Without reading, a visitor might understand that we need a 10 digit number.

Here is the re-design (we still need to make it nice looking):

We discovered a problem with the previous design. Because of the 3 boxes, our users couldn’t cut and paste into it. They’d have to remember the number or re-visit our site several times. That’s really annoying.

We could have implemented a cut and paste, which would have worked with the split boxes. However, even though our visitors could functionally cut and paste, they might not understand that it’s possible — and never try.

We went for the single box.  Hope you like it.


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