5 Days After Launch: Reviews & Analytics

May 23rd, 2010

373 Absolute unique vistors in 5 days!

The good (from Hacker News) :

  • “You are now bookmarked!”
  • “I like it!”
  • “I’m a fan”
  • “I can’t say enough how much I love your design. Super simple, super sleek, just awesome.”
  • “This looks like a service I was looking for a couple of months ago, but couldn’t find.”
  • “I love this… I’ve used a few of the other online services before but canceling a monthly plan was like pulling teeth. I love the idea of being able pay by the page.”
  • “Actually this is kind of cool though :)”

Also good (from email):

  • “I love the idea”
  • “Very easy to use”
  • “I liked that it supports multiple file-types”

The Advice (from Hacker News):

  • “I’d kill for a small, annual plan that just lets me receive without signing up for monthly payments or attaching it to sending credits. A la carte all the way.”
  • “I would keep the per-page model.”
  • One commenter:
    • “$1-$5 to send a fax. This seems totally within reason. Driving to find someplace with a fax, waiting in line, exposing your document to some clerk, etc. The one-time fee gives me the service I want with no commitment.
    • $10-$20 for bigger faxing ‘events’. I should be able to send unlimited faxes (which in reality will be <10 but makes me feel better they are not metered) AND have a temporary incoming fax number that I can receive faxes on, which forward to an email address. This service could be available for 30 calendar days from the moment you buy.”
  • “I couldn’t see an email-to-fax feature, but that would be a useful one.
    • This feature is now in the pipeline!
  • “I think if you keep it simple and convenient, it’s nice.”

We’re still giving free faxes for feedback. So, if you have any thoughts (or just love startups), please email us!


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