Add Team Members for Free!

July 6th, 2012

Our goal is to become the way that companies everywhere sign documents. The problem with that if it costs money for each additional seat, there’s a disincentive to add each team member. So, we’re making it completely free to add up to 50 people on your team.

Ready? Start adding free team members now >

So, how do the new teams work?

1. You can create company documents and share them with your entire team. So, everyone has a access to the official company NDA. Read more about template sharing

2. You can route fax lines however you’d like. So, if you have 1 fax line and 20 team members, no worries! Read more about fax routing

3. If you have a paid plan and want to add another fax number, it’s just $4.99 / fax number / month. Each fax number just pulls on the fax pages of the master plan.

We have a lot more in store! So, if you have any feature requests, email us at


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