When HelloFax met the neighborhood firemen

July 21st, 2011

Neal (see more on Neal) was doing a technical interview when he noticed a tree in the back yard burning. We called the fire department, snatched up our laptops and crossed the street. Good thing all our servers are on Amazon. So, we had uninterrupted services on HelloFax.com during this entire episode!

Here are some photos of the fire. The building next to the office (see left) fared far worse than us. The place was pretty much gutted.  At one point, the fire department axed a hole through our office wall to get better access to the white building.  You can also see a hose going through our front door.

On that note, HelloFax is hiring! Never a dull day at the office. If you can still do well on a technical interview, while the building is burning, you’re hired! Email us at jobs@hellofax.com.


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