Someone Likes our Cancelation Button

June 6th, 2011

Last week I wrote a blog post about cancelation policies and why we decided to make it really easy to cancel. It’s still unclear if it’s the right business decision in the short run, but I would never change it. I simply don’t want to run a business that does the exact things that annoy me as a customer.

Then, Steven Steiner just blogged about HelloFax and mentioned our cancelation policy!

“I cancel anytime I want – and they are not sleazy about it. They have an actual CANCEL button under your account options, which is huge for me. If I had to call them to cancel, I am out. I do not want to have to do a DirectTV dance with them to cancel the service, because I won’t always need it, and I will have to cancel at some point and then rejoin.”

Steve makes me believe that not only is this something that companies ought to do, but it will also generate good will over time.   No one likes to feel tricked into paying for something. In fact, it’s so rare for companies to have an easy cancelation policy, it’s amazing that it’s something worth mentioning.

Steve, thanks for writing!


2 Responses to “Someone Likes our Cancelation Button”

  1. Kelly Byrd says:

    This is absolutely the right decision. I’m much more likely to try a paid service if it’s clear from the beginning I can get out quickly if I don’t like it. Once I’m signed up, you’ve got my income stream while I figure out whether I like it.

  2. Joseph says:

    Kelly, thanks for the feedback! I bet there are tons of people who feel burned by free trials; the downside is that they’re probably far less willing to try new products. I definitely feel that way. Maybe we should advertise how easy it’s to cancel. It’s possible we’d get a lot more people to try us out that way.