Feature Update: Making document signing easier

March 29th, 2012

We’re always looking to make HelloFax easier to use. Last week we released two changes as a result of customer feedback. These changes to our document signing process should address two of the bigger pain points we heard from those requesting signatures.

Non-required form fields

When you send out a document to be signed, you can now insert additional form fields to be completed that don’t need to be filled out. For example, you can now include an “Address 2” form field so people can fill out apartment numbers and the like. You can also include a non-required checkbox to allow yes/no responses and other multi-answer fields.

Signature option for signees

We’ve also updated the signature options for people sent a signature resquest. Now, when someone gets a signature request they can still use the mouse to sign, but they can also upload an existing signature file that they have on their computer, or they can upload a signature by taking a picture and emailing it to us.

We hope that these changes help make requesting signatures an even easier and more enjoyable process for both you and the signee. If you have any suggestions about other product improvements, as always, send us an email: support@hellofax,com


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