Fax Machines Suck. So, Why do Business Keep Faxing?

February 25th, 2010

Why Real Fax Machines are a Waste
You spend at least $100 before sending your first fax.


How Can Faxing Online Look Like Paid Email?
What happens when one business that uses an online faxes service sends a fax to another business that also uses an online fax service? They both get charged for something that could have been sent as an email.


So, why do business keep faxing?

  • They love the idea of a paper trail.
  • Habit.
  • It’s easy to sign and fill out forms.  Just use a pen!
  • It is legally binding (disclaimer, this is not legal advice.).
  • Email can be overwhelming – but a fax indicates a priority.
  • It’s action oriented and says: do this and get it back to me.

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