Are you human? Make your startup human too.

April 2nd, 2010

Our employees wear ties to work! We’re that serious!

While we’ve been developing HelloFax, we’ve been debating our name. Are people really going to want to use a chill name like HelloFax? Or do they want a name that indicates reliability… like eFax, TrustFax, or SmartFax.

“You’re a little company, now act like one”

We were tempted to be serious and we went through all the serious names. Fortunately, domain squatters and me-too faxing services bought them all up.

Then, I read this post about startups killing their personality with a wannabe-corporate, stuck-up, wear-polished-shoes-to-work persona.  Really, your next sale won’t be to Oracle.  Get over it.

Besides, create a company you want to work for
After creating a startup to not work for the man, why pretend you still do?  I want to work on a website that I enjoy, that is fun and irreverent.  If you really want to work on a corporate style site, apply to one, rather than create a sub par version of one.

This is the company I want to work for:

Does the company personality matter?

The world doesn’t need another cookie cutter service.  I think our users will notice and appreciate that we make our service as human as we are. But, in the end, it matters to us.


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