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HelloFax in the New York Times!

July 13th, 2011

Totally unexpected! Check out the article, “Getting By Without a Computer Printer.”

Or, skip to the good part and read this excerpt!

“One of the main reasons many people own a printer is because we still live in a world where a scribble of ink on a piece of paper, also known as a signature, is required for many documents. It remains an infuriating process: You have to print the document out to sign it, then mail it or scan it and either fax or e-mail it back to the sender.

An online service, Hello Fax (hellofax.com), keeps a digital image of your signature on file, which you can then position and resize onto any document you upload to the service. Once the document is “signed,” you can e-mail it or send it to a fax machine from your PC. The service can also, for a fee, provide you with a fax number. Incoming faxes can then be viewed — and signed — onscreen.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Love it.

HelloFax in Wired Magazine!

May 30th, 2011

HelloFax was part of the most recent batch of Y Combinator startup companies, which is an accelerator program based in Mountain View. Stephen Levy, epic tech journalist, was there writing about the companies.

When they were taking pictures, they made me get rid of my swag t-shirt from TechCrunch Disrupt. I guess real entrepreneurs don’t wear swag 🙂

Business Insider: The Sexiest Programmers Alive

May 30th, 2011

Neal O’Mara, cofounder extraordinaire, was just selected by Business Insider as one of the Sexiest Programmers Alive. Neal claims that the author randomly scrapped Facebook for programmers, but I don’t believe it. This isn’t an award that would be given trivially.

It’s been a great week for media!

March 26th, 2011

We’ve been written up in Forbes, Mashable and LifeHacker:

Mashable: HOW TO: Sign, Seal, Deliver Docs Without A Printer Or Scanner

Forbes: HelloFax: Super-Easy Faxing

LifeHacker: Hellofax Sends the Occasional Fax For Free

Slate.com: “Kill Your Fax Machine”

March 5th, 2011

Farhad Manjoo just wrote an article about HelloFax:
Kill Your Fax Machine: HelloFax, the Web site that finally liberates us from the worst gadget on earth.

After trying various services to sign and send documents, he found HelloFax:

“Last week, I finally found what I’ve been looking for: a way to sign and fax—or e-mail—a document using just my computer. It doesn’t require you to print out your forms or sign them with a pen. You will need a camera, but only once; after that, it’s painless. The system is called HelloFax. And it’s terrific.”

He also wrote about how HelloFax is different from the other services out there:

“There have been other services that purport to let you fax from computers. But none of these is as straightforward as HelloFax; either they don’t allow you to fill out documents on your computer (which means you’ve got to print out and scan, at which point you might as well get a fax machine) or they require you to download software. HelloFax, by contrast, is a Web site, so you don’t need to download anything and it works everywhere.”

Farhad, thanks for trying us out!

OnStartups says HelloFax is Disruptive

February 28th, 2011

OnStartups just wrote a post called 9 Ways To Disrupt And “Hipmunk” An Industry.

The first company they use as an example is HelloFax. Here’s what they say:

We got a huge surge of traffic, signups and Tweets. It’s been great.