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Using the HelloFax for Google Docs Add-on

March 11th, 2014

Need to fax a form you’ve created and/or saved in your Google Docs? You can do that with HelloFax for Google Docs.

It’s dead simple. First, get the HelloFax for Google Docs add-on from the add-on store. Then, open the Google Doc you want to fax, and go to add-ons > HelloFax. When you open the HelloFax add-on, you’ll see the HelloFax sidebar appear on the right. Enter the number you wish to fax, then click send.

You’ll receive a confirmation email indicating that the fax was successfully sent.

That’s it! And if you need to sign or get Google Docs signed, we have an add-on for that, too.

HelloFax for Google Docs add-on



Fax from your documents page

November 25th, 2013

We’ve changed things so that online signing and faxing are now completely seamless.

You can find any signed document on your “Documents” page in HelloFax, click the down arrow next to the document and select “Fax” from the drop down menu. Now you don’t have to worry about downloading a signed document, then uploading it to HelloFax anymore.

That’s it!

Fax from documents page





HelloFax: Digital fax with support for landscape mode

August 27th, 2013

It’s finally here! You can now upload and send documents in landscape mode using HelloFax. No more squished formatting for horizontal timesheets or Excel spreadsheets.

1. Just like always, go to “Send a fax” and click “Upload Files” or click on one of the cloud storage icons to bring in the document you’d like to fax.

HelloFax Landscape Mode

2. Voilà! If the original document is in landscape orientation, it will remain in landscape when you upload it and will be faxed that way. No more squished documents. (It’s about time.)

HelloFax Landscape Mode Up Close