We’ve conquered the upside down fax!

August 23rd, 2011

In the olden days, getting an upside down fax wasn’t a big deal. All you had to do was turn it around with your hands. But, in the modern era, an upside down fax can be devastating. You have to turn your head and laptop 90 degrees (in opposite directions of course), print it out, or find some obscure program to d it for you.

We solved that problem. Here’s how it goes!

1. You receive a fax via email, open the pdf and realize it’s upside down. No way!

2. Forward it to rotate@hellofax.com

3. Then, we send you back an email, with it rotated and good to go.

4. Open it and you’ll see it’s right side up!

We love this feature. Always trying to make our lives (and yours of course) a little bit easier.


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