CC people on your signature requests

January 27th, 2012

Sometimes, there are multiple people involved in a signed document. But, not everyone has to sign. Some people just need a copy of the document after everyone has signed. In that case, that person need to be cc’d.

What are common scenarios?

– You had your client sign a sales contract. After she’s signed, you CC a copy to your supervisor
– You had someone sign a NDA. After she’s signed, you can CC the legal team.
– You sold someone a home. You CC your manager.

How’s it work?

1. Click on the “Request signature” tab

2. Click “+ CC”

3. CC the people who should receive a copy, after everyone has signed
**In this case, I cc’d Ted and accounting

That’s it! After John has signed this document, Ted & Accounting will get a copy of it.


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