Recap on our Anti-SOPA Campaign: 15,000 Faxes Sent to Congress!

January 25th, 2012

Both SOPA and PIPA have been paused thanks to the widespread internet protests last week.  Thanks to your support our Fax Your Representative tool was used to send 15,240 faxes, from 4,496 people to 507 legislators!

Our campaign even made it into the New York Times, in their article With Twitter, Blackouts and Demonstrations, Web Flexes Its Muscle. Here’s what they said:

“Many start-ups quickly cobbled together tech solutions to support their cause. HelloFax, for example, created a tool that let people send their representatives faxes voicing their opinions through the Web.”

SOPA and PIPA taught us the danger of a Congress creating policy that they don’t understand. In fact, they’ve even been calling all of us, who understand the consequences of their policy, “nerds”.

We need to stay vigilant. SOPA and PIPA may come back in other forms or as pieces of other legislation. So, stay in touch. We may be doing this again.


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