HelloFax on CBS New! Companies can save on printing costs with HelloFax

November 23rd, 2011

CBS News writes that corporations spend between 1-3% of their annual revenue on printing.  By filling out and signing documents in the browser, we save companies from having to print, sign and scan documents – which is an incredible waste of both paper and employee time.

Here’s what CBS News suggests:
“Invest in digital signatures. One of the most common reasons for printing is to sign a document. You can eliminate that requirement by using a digital signature. HelloFax, for example, is an online fax service that can store a digital version of your signature. You can stamp any digital document with that signature and email or fax it from a PC. There’s no longer any need to print stuff just to sign it.3 Tactics for Weaning Your Office off of Printers.

Many of our users have gone paperless and stopped using printers, scanners and fax machines all together; others have simply gone paperless. It’s great to see that CBS noticed!


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