Don’t Shame Your Costumers in Front of Their Clients?

December 3rd, 2010

I was just trying out some e-signature companies. I always do a trial run before purchasing a product because I’d like to know how the recipient sees something.

I request a signature from a friend. He gets an email, requesting a signature and bam! He can’t sign it because:

“The creator of this contract doesn’t have enough credit to pay for your signature and has been notified of the situation.”

This is awkward. Good thing I tested it first. Otherwise, my client or business partner would see me as someone who either can’t afford to pay his bills or plan in advance.

If I don’t have enough credit, tell me before I send. Not after. If payment through shame is their approach, it didn’t work! I’m going elsewhere.

Never shame, humiliate, harm, scare or coerce your users. Ever.


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