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Nice spot in the Chrome Web Store

July 13th, 2012

Check it out – we’re one of the top banners in the Chrome Web Store!

Mentioned in Lifehacker!

July 10th, 2012

Check out Lifehacker’s most recent article, The Best Google Features You’re Probably Not Using. The good news is that we got included on that list! Here’s what they had to say:

“With HelloFax installed, every fax you send with the service is linked directly into Drive. Need to fax some forms? Send them from Drive. Waiting on a fax? HelloFax will stuff it right into your Drive folder so you can access it from anywhere. Most of us only need a fax machine on rare occasions and HelloFax is a handy alternative to a big clunky machine.”

Signature request reminders

July 9th, 2012

Our users asked, we deliver. HelloFax is happy to announce that you can now manually re-send an email notification for a signature request that has been sent out.

Want to check it out in action? Go to the Documents tab now >

Here’s how to send an email reminder to someone you requested a signature from:

1.) Send a signature request to the intended recipient.

2.) Find the document in the “Documents” tab and select from the drop down button to reveal “Send Reminder” option

3.) Check the email address(es) you wish to re-send the reminder to.

We want to hear from you. E-smoke signal us: support@hellofax.com

Add Team Members for Free!

July 6th, 2012

Our goal is to become the way that companies everywhere sign documents. The problem with that if it costs money for each additional seat, there’s a disincentive to add each team member. So, we’re making it completely free to add up to 50 people on your team.

Ready? Start adding free team members now >

So, how do the new teams work?

1. You can create company documents and share them with your entire team. So, everyone has a access to the official company NDA. Read more about template sharing

2. You can route fax lines however you’d like. So, if you have 1 fax line and 20 team members, no worries! Read more about fax routing

3. If you have a paid plan and want to add another fax number, it’s just $4.99 / fax number / month. Each fax number just pulls on the fax pages of the master plan.

We have a lot more in store! So, if you have any feature requests, email us at support@hellofax.com.

Route your fax number to different people

July 2nd, 2012

Wish that your fax machine could deliver the fax that was intended for you? Hellofax’s fax routing feature allows you to assign any team members to any fax lines to receive incoming faxes that are sent to that line.

Route your team today: Ready, set, route!

How do you set up fax routing? Easy:

1.) Add the member you would like to have access in your Team via email. Read more about Teams

2.) Click on the fax line’s drop down to reveal team member(s) you can select to assign:

3.) Presto! You’re all done.

Questions? Suggestions? Want to send us cookies? Shoot us a note: support@hellofax.com