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If only government websites looked like Dropbox

January 27th, 2012

Government places an incredible role in society. It funds our police, our roads, and schools.

It also produces websites (and regulations) like the City of SF Business Registration Office, which takes an accountant to figure out. Instead of building the registration process like TurboTax and funneling you to the right answers, it lists a lot requirements and fines if you if you make a mistake.

Why does this happen? Because conversion doesn’t matter. We can’t walk away and try an easier signup process.  100% of the businesses in SF has to do this. 100%.  It could be 10x worse and we’d still have to comply. Until there’s an incentive to be easier, these agencies will simply not get better.

Until then, I’ll be dreaming of a government website that looks like this:

CC people on your signature requests

January 27th, 2012

Sometimes, there are multiple people involved in a signed document. But, not everyone has to sign. Some people just need a copy of the document after everyone has signed. In that case, that person need to be cc’d.

What are common scenarios?

– You had your client sign a sales contract. After she’s signed, you CC a copy to your supervisor
– You had someone sign a NDA. After she’s signed, you can CC the legal team.
– You sold someone a home. You CC your manager.

How’s it work?

1. Click on the “Request signature” tab

2. Click “+ CC”

3. CC the people who should receive a copy, after everyone has signed
**In this case, I cc’d Ted and accounting

That’s it! After John has signed this document, Ted & Accounting will get a copy of it.

Import Your Files from Box & Dropbox

January 27th, 2012

You can now import your files from Box and Dropbox, two of the most prominent cloud storage companies.

Here’s what you do:
1. Go to the “Send” or “Request signature” page.

2.Click on “more” and chose Dropbox or Box.

3. Authorize the integration.

4. Next time you import a file, you’ll be able to pull in files from that service.

Now, instead of downloading and then uploading documents into HelloFax, you can now import them directly!

Recap on our Anti-SOPA Campaign: 15,000 Faxes Sent to Congress!

January 25th, 2012

Both SOPA and PIPA have been paused thanks to the widespread internet protests last week.  Thanks to your support our Fax Your Representative tool was used to send 15,240 faxes, from 4,496 people to 507 legislators!

Our campaign even made it into the New York Times, in their article With Twitter, Blackouts and Demonstrations, Web Flexes Its Muscle. Here’s what they said:

“Many start-ups quickly cobbled together tech solutions to support their cause. HelloFax, for example, created a tool that let people send their representatives faxes voicing their opinions through the Web.”

SOPA and PIPA taught us the danger of a Congress creating policy that they don’t understand. In fact, they’ve even been calling all of us, who understand the consequences of their policy, “nerds”.

We need to stay vigilant. SOPA and PIPA may come back in other forms or as pieces of other legislation. So, stay in touch. We may be doing this again.

Import contacts from Gmail & Yahoo

January 3rd, 2012

We just released a really simple contact importer.

1. Just start typing where it says and you’ll see a drop down for “Import contacts”

2. Click on the email provider to import your contacts.

3. Once you import all of your contacts, we’ll put all those contacts into auto-complete. Plus, anytime you send a document to a contact not in our system, we’ll remember it for future use.

That’s it! Hope you like it.